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Mark's Nuisance Wildlife Removal
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Mark's Nuisance Wildlife Removal offers 45 years of experience in the animal trapping and hunting industry.

Mark Sink is a member of the fur takers of America trappers college, and graduate held at Perdue University. Also, certified division of wildlife hunter/trapper and fishing education instructor. As well as teaching for local and state fairs, conventions, sporting goods and farm supply stores.
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Our Wildlife Removal Services
Central Ohio Area

Mark's Nuisance Wildlife Removal is a wildlife removal company located in Lancaster, Ohio. We specialize in the removal or eviction of specific animals that are considered as pests such as groundhogs, raccoons, skunks, opossums, beaver, muskrats, mink, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, rats, moles, fox, coyotes, deer, snakes, bats, birds, pigeons, and geese.
Wildlife Control: Raccoon Removal Service

Some problems you may encounter! Your best defense against animals damaging your property is to use recommended exclusion methods!

Don’t leave pet food outside and unprotected, cover or block all animal size gaps and entrances into your home!!!

Bird feeders are a magnet to many animals like raccoons, all three types of squirrels, chipmunks as well as Hawks using your bird feeder as a feeding area.
Deer in an orchard
Wildlife Control:
Deer Removal Service

Deer damage-deer cause a great deal of damage to gardens in their search for food, fruit, vegetables and flowers are usually the target. During late Summer and early Fall when the buck has velvet on his antlers, he will rub small trees to remove it and also to mark his territory damaging or even killing them.
Wildlife Control: Geese Removal Service

Canadian Geese - if you have or live by a pond, lake, swamp, river or creek you have a breeding/feeding/safe area! You will also have angry/noisy/messy problems!
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Wildlife Control: Birds

Birds-the biggest problem will be POOP!!! Or there may be the pounding and damage caused to your home by Woodpeckers,

Hawks at bird feeders, angry Swans, Black Vultures roosting in your out buildings, starlings, sparrows and pigeons in your house, out buildings or businesses.

Pigeon removal can take time and can be an ongoing processes, I utilize nets, pigeon traps, roosting cages and in some cases shooting.
Wildlife Control: Attics

Attics are the biggest invaders can be Bats, Raccoons, Red, Gray, or Flying Squirrels, if your hearing noise during the day it will probably be Red or Gray squirrels, if it’s at night it’s probably Raccoons, Bats or Flying Squirrels. (Did you know that flying squirrels are the most numerous squirrel species in Ohio).


1) Bats- 3/8 inch by 2 ¼ inch gap.
2) Chipmunk/Flying squirrel- 1inch hole.
3) Red/Gray squirrel/Skunk- 1 ½ to 3inch hole.
4) Raccoon-4inch hole.
A typical Woodchuck/Ground Hog hole will be 10 to 12 inches with a circular mound of dirt in front.

Additional Wildlife Services
I have dealt with these but not so much around here. Feral hogs, feral cats, alligators/crocodiles black vultures, swans and otters.
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chipmunk in cage
mark with alligators
wild hog